Water Activated Tapes: A Step towards sustainability

Water-activated tapes offers a combination of strength, security, eco-friendliness, and customization options, making it a versatile and reliable choice for packaging applications in various industries.


Water is necessary for the adhesive characteristics of wate-activated tapes, commonly referred to as gummed tape or Kraft paper tape, to become active. Because of its powerful bonding properties and tamper-evident characteristics, it is frequently used to seal cartons and containers in a variety of industries.

This is the general operation of water-activated tapes:

Composition of water-activated tapes: Kraft paper backing covered in a starch-based adhesive is the typical material used to make water-activated tape. Until the glue comes into touch with water, it is dry and inactive.

Activation of water-activated tapes: Using a sponge or a specialized tape dispenser with a water reservoir and moistening brush, wet the tape with water to activate the adhesive. The starch-based glue gets sticky and clings firmly to the carton or package’s surface as water reacts with it.

Bonding of water-activated tapes: Water-activated tape creates a tight seal that helps shield the contents of the package during transit once it is applied. This connection is strong and long-lasting.

Tamper-evident: Water-activated tape has tamper-evident qualities since any attempt to take it off or tamper with it leaves behind telltale signs of the attempt, like tape that is torn or damaged and adhesive residue.

Environmentally friendly: Because water-activated tape is manufactured from natural resources like paper and starch, it is regarded as environmentally benign. It is a sustainable packaging choice because it is biodegradable and recyclable with cardboard cartons.

Customization: Water-activated tape is a flexible packaging option for companies aiming to strengthen their brand identification. It can be imprinted with company logos, branding messages, or particular handling directions.

Composition and Construction of water-activated tapes:

The backing of water-activated tape is typically made from Kraft paper, a strong and durable material derived from wood pulp.
The adhesive used on water-activated tape is usually starch-based. Starch is a natural polymer that, when activated by water, forms a strong and reliable bond with the surface of the carton or package.
Some variations of water-activated tape may incorporate fiberglass threads within the paper backing to enhance tear resistance and strength.

water-activated tapes

Procedure for Activation:

Wetting the tape with water is the first step in the activation process. A sponge, a moist cloth, or a specialist water-activated tape dispenser can be used for this.
The starch molecules in the tape breakdown when water is added to its adhesive side, activating the adhesive and giving it a tacky texture.
In addition to helping the tape follow the shape of the item, the wetness guarantees a tight seal.
Strength of Bond:

Water-activated tape creates a solid bond with the package’s surface after it is applied and activated.
The adhesive works its way into the fibers of the carton or container, forming a tight, impenetrable seal that deters theft or tampering while in transit.power.

Property Resistant to Tampering:

Tape that activates with water shows obvious signs of manipulation. Any attempt to take off or tamper with the tape causes it to shred or get damaged, and it leaves adhesive residue behind.
This feature, which is tamper-evident, helps prevent theft and gives senders and recipients peace of mind that the package hasn’t been tampered with during transit.

Environmental Factors to Be Considered:

One packaging choice that is good for the environment is water-activated tape.
Because paper and starch are the main renewable and biodegradable resources used in its production, it is an environmentally friendly option for companies.
In order to reduce waste and advance a circular economy, water-activated tape and cardboard boxes can also be recycled.

Customization and Branding:

Water-activated tape can be customized to include company logos, branding messages, or specific handling instructions.
This customization option allows businesses to enhance their brand identity and communicate important information to recipients, such as package contents or handling instructions.

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